I took a screenwriting workshop recently with Lex Gigeroff and it was excellent and inspirational in a lot of ways as Lex presents in a very dynamic and engaging manner.

Two important points that I took away from it which I have always believed is the importance of being open to constructive feedback and doing multiple drafts of one’s screenplay.

As Lex pointed out, even the most advanced writer has to deal with feedback and changes and be open to it all. He certainly is and he has quite a background in writing for television.

Lex also talked about writing the screenplay out fully on the first draft and then putting it away for a few weeks and not looking at it. Then, going back to it and taking it out of the drawer and going through it again. this can be done several times and it really does work as the person has a different perspective when they have not looked at what they’ve written for a while.  Writing something great, takes writing, time and reflection, writing, more time and reflection….

If you are a screenwriter (doesn’t matter the level), please share your thoughts on your writing methodology and how open you are to constructive feedback. How many drafts do you do for you scripts?